Rogue Waltz is a SFW Genshin Impact fanzine centered around the Fatui Harbingers.The main focus of the content produced should be on the eleven harbingers themselves, but can include other characters such as Fatui NPCs and Mobs. The content can be set in any universe apart from canon, as long as it is centered on the harbingers as the focal subject.Preorders date will be announced on March 25CONTRIBUTORS
Contributor Spotlights
❄ 27 Page Artists
❄ 7 Merch Artists
❄ 9 Writers


Interest CheckAug 6 - Aug 20
Contributor ApplicationsSept 2 - Oct 2
Contributor Results SentOct 14
Last Day to AcceptOct 21
Pitches DueOct 30
Pitches AcceptedNov 4
Check-in 1Nov 27
Check-in 2Dec 30
Check-in 3Jan 15
Final SubmissionFeb 28


Q: What is a zine?
A: Zines are similar to shortened magazines and are filled with art and writing. This zine will feature the eleven (11) Fatui harbingers.
Q: What are the specs of this zine?
A: It will be a full-colour, A5 zine with over 100+ pages of illustrations and writing. It will be available in both digital and physical formats.
Q: Will there be merchandise?
A: Yes, there will be merchandise which can be purchased as a bundle with the zine. Merchandise for this zine will tentatively include:
❄ Acrylic Charms, Keychains
❄ Acrylic Standee
❄ Enamel Pins
❄ Prints, Polaroids
❄ Stickers, Sticker Sheets
❄ Fatui ID Cards
❄ Washi Tape
❄ Tote Bag
❄ Wax Stamp
Q: Will there be any ship-related content in this zine?
A: No, we will not be allowing any romantic shipping between the characters, but highly encourage platonic and familial content! This is to avoid conflicts such as age and ship discourse.
Q: How will contributors be compensated?
A: Minimally, contributors will be guaranteed a PDF copy of the zine. Should sales allow, each contributor will be given a full bundle of the zine, as well as additional monetary compensation.
Q: Is this zine for-profit, for-charity or free?
A: This zine will be for-profit.
Promo & Cover Art
Merch, Page and Writing

Moderator team

Mod Mira

co-head, writing & layout
Short Bio: columbina is mine, choose from the other eleven
+ co-head, graphics & layout mod for wind's devotion: xiaoven wedding zine
+ head & layout mod for teyvat academy
+ head, graphics & layout mod for everlasting lilies: liyue wlw zine

Mod Rein

co-head & art
Short Bio: They got me with the stupid ginger and now I'm on my hands and knees for the Harbingers
+ art mod for intertwisted
+ art mod for teyvat's divination
+ mod for 10+ zines

Mod Jinny

graphics & promo art
Short Bio: I'm a potato by day and an artist by night
+ graphics mod for winged lutz

Mod Em

finance & shipping
Short Bio: I literally spent an hour wanting to squish Childe in that trailer omg
+ writing & shipping mod for of contracts and promises
+ shipping mod for twilight sword
+ mod for 10+ zines